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Individual memberships are annual and non-transferable.

Membership starts on the day you sign-up. You may only cancel your membership after one-year. First payments are non refundable. Membership assumes a one-year commitment.

No refunds are available for membership dues.

Clicking Join Now indicates your agreement to abide by the Association of Music Photographers (AMP) Code of Ethics and that you agree to the following Member policies and terms:

AMP Code of Ethics – As a core requirement for both admission and retention of my membership in AMP, I acknowledge that conduct, words, actions, and business practices reflect on all other members on the organization, and on the industry at large. I will also strive to operate according to the highest professional standards, and will exercise responsibility, integrity, and honesty, treating peers, clients, and those under my authority with dignity and respect. I will also refrain from any marketing or competitive practice that violates any Federal Trade Commission, or other Federal or State regulatory agency rule or regulation, or Federal or State statute or any decision of any Federal or State court.

If my membership expires and not renewed I understand that my access to online member benefits will be promptly and temporarily suspended, and my Pit Pro profile will be taken offline, and that I will need to sign up again as a new member.

Auto Renew Terms & Conditions – With auto-renewal, you specifically agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. You agree that AMP may change these terms and conditions at any time by posting any of the changes on our website and your failure to terminate your auto-renewal after any such posting shall constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

What is AMP Auto Renew? For your convenience, AMP will continue to renew your AMP Membership dues subscription until you notify us via email that you resign and no longer wish to be a member. AMP Members will receive an e-mail reminder thirty (30) days in advance of their annual, auto renew date.

What if I change my mind later about Auto Renew? You may cancel your auto renew subscription before it renews by contacting the AMP Membership Services, only with an email sent to [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to your auto-renewal date. An email confirmation of your request will be sent to you. If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact AMP member relations immediately. Failure to receive a confirmation may indicate that AMP did not receive your cancellation notice. AMP is not responsible for memberships renewed due to failure to receive a cancellation notice.

As a subscriber using the online JOIN or RENEW system, you agree to pay, using a valid credit card acceptable to AMP, the annual membership fee charges found on the JOIN NOW page of the website. A reminder of the Renewal Date and Fee will be included on a billing statement emailed to you, 30 days prior to your membership renewal. Your Membership will continue and renew automatically, unless terminated by AMP or until you terminate your Membership in the manner provided above. AMP will not be responsible for any overdraft, or other service charges, to credit or debit cards made as a result of fees by AMP, regardless of when the fees are billed. In the event AMP cannot successfully charge your account, by Policy, AMP reserves the right to terminate your AMP Membership.

All AMP Memberships are annual, from your join or renewal date and by AMP policy, we do not issue refunds.

Payment – Charges on my credit card statement will appear as Association of Music Photographers and my online account statement will act as a receipt. AMP will notify me of any dues or membership charges. All payments are nonrefundable. If AMP is unable to successfully make a charge to my credit card, AMP will contact me to make any changes or corrections to my record. After one month’s non-payment, my membership will be considered void and I am required to rejoin to reinstate my membership.

Email Privacy – AMP respects your privacy and appreciates your cooperation to access maximum benefits and vendor discounts. AMP does not sell, trade or give away your information.

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